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Moroccan Chicken slow-cook


Tender pieces of chicken, winter vegetables and chickpeas slow cooked...

Green chicken Thai curry


home made chicken curry made from paste to creamy coconut...

Chicken meatballs


House made chicken meatballs baked in a smooth Napoli sauce

Diablo Wings


Extra hot and punchy oven roasted chicken wings

Sticky BBQ Wings


Smokey bbq homemade sticky chicken wings



Oven roasted, mildly spiced chicken drumsticks



The guilt free crumbed fillet, oven baked to perfection

Roast Chicken – House Blend


A balanced combination of Drumstick & Co herbs & spices

Roast Chicken – Pure Blend


A fusion of pink Himalayan salt & extra virgin olive...

Mango,greens & seeds

Freshly teared cos lettuce, spinach, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, fresh sliced...

Beets, goats cheese & candied walnuts


Roasted beetroot, goats cheese, house candied walnuts, baby leaves in...

Brown rice currants and herbs


Brown rice, sweet currents, slithered almonds, coriander, parsely and caramolised...

Mexi Corn Slaw


House roasted chicken, green and red cabbage, carrot, corn, coriander...

Sweet potato, chicken & chickpea


House roasted chicken, chickpeas, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, and...

Garden herb quinoa


Quinoa, cucumber, spring onion, sumac, pappita and pomegranet seeds in...

Summer veg &sunflower seed


Purple cabbage, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, parsely, spring onion, sunflower...

Charred cauliflower


Charred cauliflower, rocket, cranberries, slithered almonds in an allspice vinegarette

Crumbstick baguette


Oven Baked Crumbstick with Tomato, onion, rocket & aioli

Veggie baguette


Quinoa patties with avocado, tomato, rocket & aioli

Chicken meatball baguette


Chicken meatballs, Napoli, Jalapenos, onion & rocket

Hot chicken baguette


Roast chicken with Aioli / chilli /BBQ

Smokey Barbeque Sauce


House chips


Our famous house chips are cooked to perfection and sprinkled...

Quinoa patties


Oven roasted quinoa, sweet potato, carrot & edemame patties

House rice


Brown, white & black rice, honey glazed carrots, dill &...

Dukkah crusted vegetables


A selection of locally sourced root vegetables dusted with Egyptian...

Chicken & veg Soup


Homemade Bone broth, winter vegetables, and chicken $9.50



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